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For questions about registration, please contact our registrar, Mrs. Erin Chafin via e-mail, fax or phone.

Phone: 910.497.1175 ext. 234
Fax:  910-497-3467 ext. 702

Please Note…

  • Students registering after 10:00 a.m. will start school the following day.
  • All students must be enrolled by a natural parent or legal custodian.
  • Students cannot register without proper documentation!

Transferring from Outside of Cumberland County

Transferring to the Cumberland County School System from another school system? Parents, take your child to the school in your district* and present the following records to the school:

  • Attendance Record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Discipline Record
  • Immunization / shot record (Parents of 6th graders see below!)
  • Proof of Residency (bill, lease, etc.)
  • Withdrawal form from last school attended (You’ll need a copy of your child’s last report card with grades. You will need to contact your child’s former school.)
  • Social Security Card
  • Special Education Record / IEP

NEW IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENT!  ALL 6th Graders must have the following immunizations before enrolling in a Cumberland County School:

  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Pertussis (Tdap)

*If you do not know which school your child should attend you may contact the Student Assignment Office at 910.678.2616 or check the School District Map.

Transferring Within the Cumberland County School System

If you have moved to a new district in Cumberland County:
  • Withdraw from your current school.
  • Take the withdrawal form to the new school to register.  
  • You must also show proof of your new address.

Hardship Transfers (Special Assignment)

The parent /custodian must complete a “Special Assignment Request Form” and submit it to the Planning & Student Assignment Office.   The request will be reviewed by the appropriate Associate Superintendent.   The final decision will be based on:

  • Physical Handicap of the student
  • Mental Handicap of the student
  • Emotional Handicap of the student
  • Extenuating circumstances stated by parent
  • Enrollment and growth potential of the schools involved.

Choice Schools

The Governed Choice School Program allows students to apply for a school outside of their district.  For more information go to the Governed Choice Website.


The following forms are those most commonly needed by parents from the Planning & Student Assignment Office.  If you have any questions about one of the forms listed below, please call the Student Assignment Office at 910.678.2616.

Printable Forms

The following forms may be printed by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Employee/Student Assignment Form
Employee/Student Assignment Form
For Employees of the school system who want their children to attend school in the district where they work. This form must be completed, signed by the Principal, and returned to the Student Assignment Office. Applications must be received by July 1 or within two weeks of employment.

Opt-Out of Yr-Round School
Opt-Out of Yr-Round School
Students assigned to a year round calendar school have the option to attend a traditional calendar school. Please complete the opt-out form to request assignment to your paired traditional calendar school. Your option school is listed on the form.

Release Form
Release Form

This form grants permission for release from Cumberland County School System to attend another Public School System. This form may be sent in to the Student Assignment Office. A copy will be sent back to you showing that it was received and placed on the Board Agenda.

Voluntary Transfer
Voluntary Transfer
A written request for a voluntary transfer of a student to another school may be submitted by the parent or court-appointed custodian on an Application for Voluntary Transfer. All reassignments due to voluntary transfer requests are valid for no more than one school year and no subsequent transfer within the same year will be permitted except for a change of his/her parent’s residence from one attendance area to another. Transportation for such students is a responsibility of the parent. Students granted transfers must remain in good standing at the school throughout the year. The student must attend school and class, be on time and picked up from school in a timely manner. Deadline to apply for a Voluntary Transfer for the 2019-2020 school year is May 31, 2019.

Published by Deadra Brown on September 29, 2019